This Is Why You Should Have Insurance Since You Are Young and Healthy

why you should have insurance
why you should have insurance

Not new news anymore that there are still many young people in the world who do not have insurance. In fact, when viewed from a lifestyle, young people can also be vulnerable to illness or accidents.

One example that can be a lesson for us all is the incident that happened to celebrity Laura Anna. He and his girlfriend had an accident and had to be hospitalized. However, they received criticism from the public for asking for donations even though they were celebrities. So finally, they closed the donation page.

Regardless of whether they agree or disagree with their actions, this incident is a lesson for all of us that young age does not mean that we are not vulnerable to health problems.

Let’s look at some reasons why you should have insurance, in fact, young people must have adequate health protection.

Excessive busy works

Not just a matter of busy work, socializing online and offline, also doing other activities related to hobbies and education make young people become busier now.

Millennials born in 1981-1996, mainly, not only have a busy life to pursue a dream career, but also other aspects of life. Outside working hours they will take part in social activities, take fitness classes, or take part in various training.

This is certainly good for one’s development, but over time it will drain energy. All this busyness makes them tired, and ultimately vulnerable to disease. Not to mention stress because of work and personal matters that also affect the decline in endurance.

Unhealthy eating lifestyle

Lifestyle will certainly affect one’s diet. Both in terms of frequency or regularity of food, also what is eaten or the type of food.

Busy and tired young people are often lazy to cook. Moreover, if the cost of cooking by buying food on the street is actually not much different. They will not think about the cleanliness of the food purchased because the most important factor is practical.

Busyness also eventually lead to unhealthy eating patterns, and result in the emergence of various diseases.

Diseases that arise due to unhealthy patterns or eating habits include ulcers, typhus, and food poisoning. Besides other side effects from unhealthy eating patterns are weight that is difficult to control. This is dangerous because weight gain or obesity can trigger other diseases such as heart disease and shortness of breath.


A hobby that is much favored by young people is traveling or traveling. The increasingly widespread use of social media makes activities such as traveling or sports conducted outdoors more trendy.

Hobbies like this are indeed the most interesting to be enshrined in photos and then published through social media, to inspire others to try the same thing.

Indeed hobbies, such as traveling or traveling and outdoor sports, are not dangerous because there is a security system on the equipment or vehicle used. However, sometimes accidents cannot be avoided.

Therefore, whatever your hobby is, you should always pay attention to safety factors. So that the possibility of an accident can be reduced.

How to choose protection for young people

Most young people in their early 20s to early 30s are still in their career and business development period. Choosing the right financial product at this time is crucial, including insurance.

Each insurance company has a variety of plans that can be selected by prospective customers according to their financial capabilities. The range of policies to be paid usually ranges from $30 to $120.

For example in insurance A, you can choose 9 types of plans so that they are more easily adapted to financial conditions.

Have additional benefits

Of course there are still many people who hesitate to have an additional insurance policy because it is considered expensive, or the benefits are not immediately felt. In fact, insurance is a financial product that protects you when an emergency event arrives, such as illness or accident. In addition, many insurers provide benefits or additional benefits that are financially beneficial.

As before, this time we take the example from Insurance A which provides the following benefits, whatever plan you choose.

  • Can choose whether the claim is cashless or reimbursed.
  • Can do double claims and double covers.
  • Discounts at several merchants (stores) in collaboration with Insurance A.
  • Watching movies for free.
  • Domestic assistance services.
  • Local ambulance service.
  • Can include children and spouse.
  • Pay can be every quarter (3 months), semester (6 months), or annually.
  • 50% refund of the total premium paid after 3 years, if there has never been a claim.

So, actually insurance is an inexpensive financial need. You can make this as a reference to determine the best insurance plan.